Since starting out over 12 years ago, we have had the opportunity to help over 500 small businesses and startups to achieve success online. Below are some examples of our work from the past 12 months, and there’s a lot more to show you so if you would like to see more just leave you details below.

Buddyguard FLARE
Planning and running a launch campaign across 4 countries for an innovative new security device

Springy Media were briefed to run the launch campaign for FLARE, a brand new home security device. This was an international campaign with substantial crowdfunded backing, which required bespoke planning of each country to maximise results.

The project began with detailed media planning to determine the best channels to use for the launch, outlining the channels (Google Search, Google Display Network, Facebook and YouTube) and a total of 7 distinct targeting strategies. We used a mix of media expertise and our in house tools to make this judgement based on an understanding of the client’s product and the users on these channels.

We also brought in our in-house designer to produce the ads, giving us a broad range of creative to test and optimise. The campaign reached over 2 million people, resulted in over 100,000 visits to the site, and the product exceeded sales targets.

Zoe Financial
Operating a multi-channel ad strategy with support from conversion rate optimisation

Zoe is a startup fintech company specialising in matching individuals with the most suitable financial planner. They came to us after a successful seed funding round to help scale their digital marketing. Their PPC campaign was working but the click costs were high, so the first thing we did was find additional channels that could drive leads at a lower cost per conversion. Facebook, Twitter and Outbrain became reliable channels, with a three tiered strategy moving visitors from brand awareness, through to consideration and conversion.

Meanwhile, we began optimising the PPC campaign, and were able to implement a variety of audience types and bid optimisations to reduce wastage, bringing down the CPC and CPA, and therefore enabling more budget to be spent on the channel.

Alongside the campaign management, we implemented funnel testing to identify the best way to drive conversions, and used visual element split testing to improve the conversion rates through the funnel.

Increasing downloads and bookings for a start-up pet grooming app

Groomit is an innovative new service which connects pet owners with professional groomers in New York City. Following a successful PPC review, we began supporting Groomit to improve their campaigns, launching Universal App Campaigns to drive direct downloads from the iTunes and Play stores by running dynamic ads across the Google Display Network, Google Search, Google Play and YouTube.

We assisted with the integration of Firebase Analytics, connecting the various events into the app and linking this to Google’s ad platform to track user behaviour, including downloads, registrations, purchases and uninstalls. We also expanded their campaigns across to Facebook and Instagram, introducing the service to a wide range of pet owners across the city.

Using our proprietary tool to build unique ecommerce ads for over 4,000 types of wine

With a product list of over 4,000 different varieties of wine, and search query analysis suggesting that most people use highly specific search terms in this market, non-specific ads would not be suitable.

Using our proprietary feed processing technology, we took Baacco’s full product database, trimmed this down to just product names and landing pages, and within just a few hours created 4 campaigns, over 4,000 ad groups and over 16,000 ads. This process included reformatting any product names and keywords that were too long for Google’s ad specs, something which would in itself have taken many hours without our tools.

Using our technology we were able to build a highly specific, highly relevant campaign in the same time it would take to build a much more simple campaign. The CTR was much higher than if we had used non-specific ads, and the campaign was very effective in driving sales.

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